Audio Drama

Chronicles of Eridul

Chronicles of Eridul is an audio drama about the struggles of Charlie as she finds herself in a magical land. Trapped in twilight and yearning to be free, Eridul may be her salvation…or her doom.



Eridul, a land beyond our own, a magical place frozen in perpetual twilight and yearning to be set free from a struggle that has spanned generations.

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Charlie’s world collapsed the day her sister Cassie left for a prestigious boarding school. Lost between confusion and anger, Charlie, an eleven year old girl, finds herself magically transported to the middle of a dark forest where her sulking attitude swiftly leads to her captivity. As Charlie works to escape her confinement, she discovers that her presence in this new world has tipped the balance of power, threatening to destroy not only this new fantastical place, but her own as well.

Cassie, on the other hand, has a whole new lease on life after being accepted into the prestigious Governor’s School for the Arts at Walnut Grove on full scholarship. At 16 years old, Cassie is just a bit older than her first year peers, and so finds herself stuck between newer students from prestigious families and the older students at the school. Striking up initial friendships with a small group of outcasts like herself, Cassie soon discovers that there is much more going on at the school and much more behind her scholarship than she had at first imagined.