Audio Book/drama: wednesdays and fridays, april 20 – May 25


Succubus demons walk the Earth preying on the desires and fantasies of lonely hearts. These shape-shifters seduce and steal the souls of their victims, condemning them to hell while the succubi continue to remain on the earth. That is, unless they encounter a Huntress.



From Donna Woods, creator of Huntress: the audio book that became the foundation of the TV series — Crimson

Crimson DeHaven is a creole-born demon huntress. Her ability to see the succubi for what they are has been handed down from her ancestors. Crimson doesn’t love her appointment — it messes with her day job and her social life — but when the demons come to Atlanta, they soon learn why she’s been appointed the Atlanta Huntress of the Succubi.

[Listener discretion advised for adult themes and scenes.]

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Donna Woods is a Director, Screenwriter, and Author from Atlanta GA who believes in the unseen mysteries of the natural and unnatural worlds. She writes about things that go bump in the night, sexy heroes and heroines, and stories where love conquers all, blending fantasy, science fiction, suspense, mystery, and horror. You can also find Crimson features in Donna’s TV series Huntress, streaming now on The Fantasy Network ( and Amazon Prime (