Audio Drama – Dice Tower theatre presents:

Dawn of Dragons

Nominated for FIVE awards, New Jersey Web Festival
Outstanding Fantasy Narrative — Best Sound Design — Best Family Friendly — Best Leading Performance — Best Supporting Performance

Produced by Mike Atchley and Good Ham Productions



Raised by former knights in hiding, several young heroes have grown up taking on different skills, each one unique and valuable to each other.  Not only bonded by use of magic or mastery of a sword, they are also tied to a great destiny – a destiny foretold in lost tomes they have yet to discover.  Their world is cloaked in a great shadow that is spreading like a sickness which they seek to overcome.

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When their home town of OallEnAkhan is destroyed, Young Cordelia, the Fire Mage, aspiring knight Benedict, bright-eyed mariner Zorin and the deadly swordmaster Sophie fall under the tutelage of Elloveve Hawklight, a secretive yet legendary elven scout archer.  Destroyed by the local Justice, Lord Pallus (Zorin’s father), his Dark Army grows increasingly more powerful with the addition of a cruel dark cleric serving an evil queen of death along with her legions of dragons.