Audio Drama

Ignore City

Ignore City is an audio drama rock musical with original songs by The Shake Ups. It’s Futurama meets The Terminator – but with singing!



It’s a post-apocalyptic future, in which technology has been outlawed and the remaining humans live under the dome of Ignore City to escape the devastated world climate. Deban Rimpa, a scrappy bike messenger, discovers and befriends the head of the sentient robot, Saner 0805. Deban embarks on a grand adventure through Ignore City to save civilization with Saner’s help. That is, unless thugs, bike gangs, black market overlords, government agents, and a precocious 10 year-old girl destroy Saner first!.

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Ignore City is written by Ed Cho, author of the graphic novel series, Little Guardians, and features original music, songs, and voice work by The Shake Ups.


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Ignore City Soundtrack Vol I

“Ignore City” is a serialized musical podcast series created by Ed Cho with original music and voice work by The Shake Ups. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, “Ignore City” follows the exploits of scavenger, Deban Rimpa, and her unlikely ally, the talking robot head, Saner 0805. The “Ignore City Soundtrack Vol. 1” collects many of the original songs produced for the podcast series. This 17-track collection includes standouts such as “Get That Girl, “Smash It Up,” “Nowhere to Go,” “I Want My MTV,” “Weeping Storms and Typhoon Cries,” and many more!