Audio Drama

Magus Elgar

Join Magus Elgar and the Magical Anomaly Inter-dimensional Locators (M.A.I.L) as they search the world for Scientific Tools Augmented with Magical Power (S.T.A.M.P.s), Encountering animated chicken nuggets, crazy wizards, giant goo monsters, and a cornucopia of puns along the way. With luck, they’ll find a way to diffuse these dangerous artifacts before all of reality is ripped apart, or at least be there with a bag of popcorn when it happens!



In the magical world of Hearth, learning magic is as dangerous as it is exciting. You’ll be pleased to know that Magus Elgar is one of the finest Casters out there. With luck, he might finally have a student that lives through the lessons. 

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Magus Elgar is a Fantasy Comedy inspired by the works of Terry Pratchett. Spanning 11 Episodes, Magus Elgar is a perfect introduction to first time Audio Drama enthusiasts of all ages. Winner of a Telly Award, and Nominated for “Best Writing” and “Best Sound Design” by the Audioverse Awards and “Best Original Work” by the Audio Publishers Association of America.

Filled we Action, Camp, magical creatures, lovable characters and the best kind of smartly stupid storytelling for the whole family. Parents will adore the witty banter, and kids will love the gross noises we make!Learn more at