Audio Drama

Masters of the Metaverse

Recruited through various means, a group of strangers is assembled by a secret program to become meta-pilots. Using the aptly named meta-pods, the pilots are inserted into the avatars of various beings in worlds beyond their imaginations. But all is not what it seems. What is the true purpose of the program? How do the meta-pods really work? With each new world, each new avatar, and each new adventure the pilots try to find the answers to these questions and more…



A group of strangers is dragooned into saving ALL the worlds – one mistake at a time.

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Masters of the Metaverse is a tabletop role playing game produced by Zombie Orpheus Entertainment and HyperRPG. It is based on a modified version of the Tri-Stat dX system. In the game, each player represents two characters. The first is their pilot, and the second is their avatar, but the players have access to the knowledge and skills possessed by BOTH of these characters. The players can spend “meta-points” in order to move back and forth on the player/avatar spectrum, thus making it easier to access one particular set of skills while making it more difficult to access the other.

A group of strangers is collected by a shadowy organization known as The Program and coerced into the top-secret Metapilot Program. Through some strange and unknown technology, these new pilots are sent into new worlds, “metaverses,” where they inhabit the bodies of avatars. But there are far more secrets than our pilots realize.

Both the Program and their mortal enemy, the Founders, descend from ancient peoples able to travel through metaverses. Those with the ability are rare and possess runes buried within their very DNA. They have been known by many names before: wizards, demigods, druids, shamans, and now, metapilots.

The pilots bring pieces of the Metaverse with them as they travel, powers that bleed through into them from their avatars. Each world, each avatar, brings the pilots closer to the truth. But these powers aren’t the only things that bleed: reality itself is beginning to break.

From the studio that brought you comedy hits like The Gamers: Dorkness Rising and Demon Hunters, this livestream combines the acting excellence of a number of familiar ZOE faces with the drama of a multi-metaversal collapse. Laughter, tears, off color jokes – this stream has it all! Join the ZOE Discord for discussion and other fandom activities.