4 Episodes

"Dark Darkness" is a new adventure-comedy-fantasy web series featuring dark lords, mythical crossbreeds, a vampire-wizard, a sorceress-ninja queen, mere mortals, and more. Led by Ronald the Dungeon Master - one of four protagonists - characters join forces, or conspire against each other, in a magical, fantastical realm. Characters struggle with their love of the dark, striving to solve mysteries amidst comedic high jinx.

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  • Dark Darkness S0E1 – Ronald's Summoning

    Episode 1

    This is the first of four "prequel" videos that introduce the main protagonists in the series "Dark Darkness". The prequels show our quirky characters getting their invitation to the "Convention on Darkness" hosted by Doctor Darkness himself. In this episode we are introduced to Ronald, a ruthles...

  • Dark Darkness S0E2 – Mordecai's Masquerade

    Episode 2

    Mordecai, one of four main protagonists in Dark Darkness, is a Dread Vampire Wizard who is in hiding disguised as Jesus. Despite his efforts to lay low and avoid unwanted attention, trouble draws in around him like the darkness on a dying candle. Why is Mordecai in hiding, who is after him? Some ...

  • Dark Darkness S0E3 – Ganamazol's Gambit

    Episode 3

    Ganamazol is desperate for adventure, but her duties as Queen of the Ninja Army in the hidden fortress of Girillion keep her grounded. Will she be able to fulfill her duties and get the adventure she craves?

  • Dark Darkness S0E4 – Snakeman's Solitude

    Episode 4

    Jerry Blankly AKA Snakeman enjoys his solitary life with his snake friends. But, his world suddenly becomes a lot more hectic when some unexpected visitors show up at his door upsetting the balance of his delicate ecosystem. Will Snakeman be able to overcome his social anxieties and answer the ca...