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Demon Hunters S.O.L.: Happy Anniversary

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Demon Hunters S.O.L.: Cleanup Crew

Season 1, Episode 2 • 7m 35s

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  • Demon Hunters S.O.L.: Happy Anniversary

    Sometimes your day job can be a real shot in the gut, especially when you are surrounded by people who want to exterminate your entire species. In this short film, Wen, the only 'out' succubus in an organization of Demon Hunters, struggles with the loneliness that takes over every year on the ann...

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    Meet the Amazing Velma, a dark side operator with a passion for stage magic who believes that the show must go on. Night after night, she transforms her time off into an act that delights audiences with illusions that fool the eye and confound the mind. But for Velma, it’s hard to keep her head i...

  • Demon Hunters S.O.L.: Feed the Beast

    When you’re the Dead Gentlemen, you’ll do anything to keep the show going — even cater to a lord of hell. But fresh meat won’t keep Duamerthrax happy for long, especially since even his agent has forgotten him. For that sacrilege, he will cast the souls of the guilty into a bottomless pit to endu...