Huntress - 2 - A Man Walks Into A Bar


Crimson DeHaven is the Atlanta Huntress tasked with keeping the streets demon-free. In this episode, we explore her back story and huntress abilities.

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Crimson and Alex have their morning debate, while Crimson struggles to wake after a night of demon hunting. While at the gym, Mimi flirts with a man Gerald Thompson, however there is something off about him to Crimson.

Later that evening, Crimson, Alex and Mimi meets an interesting and wealthy man, Charles Brennan at a wine bar. He invites them to an industry party as his eye candy. However the party just so happens to be an XSAtlanta event hosted by “a succubus” he believes is his ex- wife.

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Succubus demons are preying on the desires and fantasies of men. They’re seducing and stealing souls nightly until interrupted by the Huntress of the ATL.