Dark Darkness - 01 - Ronald’s Summoning


Meet Ronald, a ruthless Dungeon Master, lover of snacks, and self proclaimed master of traps.

This is the first of four “prequel” videos that introduce the main protagonists in the series “Dark Darkness”. The prequels show our quirky characters getting their invitation to the “Convention on Darkness” hosted by Doctor Darkness himself. In this episode we are introduced to Ronald, a ruthless Dungeon Master and lover of snacks. He is a self proclaimed master of traps. His social skills aren’t so great, but he manages to bumble his way through a conversation with Stanzi, who potentially sees more in Ronald than a self absorbed gamer who has a penchant for snacks.

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  1. ericbohm


    They lean pretty heavily on the dorky gamer tropes, but the overall production quality is solid.

    7.0 rating
Dark Darkness

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