Dark Darkness - 02 - Mordecai’s Masquerade


Meet Mordecai, Dread Vampire Wizard who is in hiding disguised as Jesus.

Mordecai, one of four main protagonists in Dark Darkness, is a Dread Vampire Wizard who is in hiding disguised as Jesus. Despite his efforts to lay low and avoid unwanted attention, trouble draws in around him like the darkness on a dying candle. Why is Mordecai in hiding, who is after him? Some of these questions are answered and more questions arise in Mordecai’s Masquerade.

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  1. ericbohm


    This is another fun entry in the series. I could wish for tighter fight choreography, but it’s not like these guys have John Wick’s budget.

    8.0 rating
Dark Darkness

"Dark Darkness" is a new adventure-comedy-fantasy web series featuring dark lords, mythical crossbreeds, a vampire-wizard, a sorceress-ninja queen, mere mortals, and more. 

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