Void Jumpers - 5 - Episode 5: Herr Dobyns: A Revenge Tale


Victorious twice over, our team returns from the depths to pick up Gwennaig and figure out a way safely back to the surface. A healing goes unfortunately awry, and we learn that Summoners have a deeper connection to their respective element than first thought. Bryn lives through the experience with some help from Tag. Our team ascends to Last Shore, and finds Herr Dobyns waiting for them.

Herr Dobyns clearly did not play on the right playgrounds as a kid, and is defeated. Sam and Puq decide jointly on his fate. Bryn forcibly brings Gwennaig to the ship. Rex leaves Shavanaugh.

The team leaves the Water planet behind, with all the secrets and lies sunk in the depths.

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