Void Jumpers - 6 - Episode 6: Rebel


The team makes it back safely to the ship and find Haven in a state of intense activity. Orders have come from the Company to scramble all available vessels to aid the newly-released Bloom, Fire, and Water planets. In twelve hours the escort ship will leave with all non-essential personnel and Haven will continue to free the other planets alone.

In those twelve hours a number of important decisions are made. Bryn calls her mother back. Rex cuts a deal with Gwennaig. Sam and Tag have a discussion and a few drinks. Herr Dobyns is very dead. Tara is recalled to the ship.

After those twelve hours, Haven jumps alone to the Blight planet where the team finds an unexpected reunion. Landing on the Blight planet itself is not difficult, but the atmosphere is more oppressive than any they have encountered before. The episode ends with a very large choice hanging over our team’s heads.

When they can be anything else, what will they choose?

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