Four Tanks and A Healer - 1 - Four Tanks and a Healer E01 – From The Beginning


Malcom and the gang meet for the first time and begin to get a feel for “the game” as they kill rats and learn how everything works.

When Malcom and the gang are told by some elitist gaming veterans that they’ll have to split up in order to find new companions and to build a more well-balanced team, they see it as a challenge to prove otherwise. In a desperate attempt to stay together and a refusal to let other geeks tell them how to play, the lopsided team of “Four Tanks and a Healer” is born and the adventure begins.

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  1. migeocacher

    Troy Stevens

    Considering this was created in 2011 it is not that bad with that taken into account.

    Even for it’s age, the content still holds true today and I’m sure it will well into the future, people just suck sometimes.

    7.0 rating
Four tanks and a healer

The team quickly learns that having such an unbalanced group is harder than they thought.