JourneyQuest - 1 - JourneyQuest 2: City of the Dead


Captured and chained, the party is dragged through the dangerous City of the Dead.

The epic story of the journey… uh, the quest… that is, uh, the JourneyQuest! – continues in this feature cut of the acclaimed second season. Joined by guest stars Fran Kranz (Cabin in the Woods) and Bob Sapp (Conan), our heroes must escape from a mysterious assassin and survive the City of the Dead.

Perf (Christian Doyle), a wizard cursed with a wisecracking sword, is being held captive by an assassin. Said assassin is unfortunately intent on delivering him and his companions to the Wicked Kings. Meanwhile, Karn the Unpleasant (Bob Sapp) and Queen Starling (Jen Page) strive to protect their throne from the Kings. Meanwhile Wren (Emilie Rommel Shimkus), the bard assigned to Perf’s epic, faces competition from rival songsmith Silver Tom (Fran Kranz).

A fantasy comedy web series from the creators of The Gamers films, JourneyQuest: City of the Dead—an exciting adventure set in a world of magic, mayhem, and deathly surprises—has been recut and remastered for this definitive and uninterrupted feature-length edition.

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Perf, a wizard of questionable competence, has had enough of this quest. Despite his attempts to flee, he can't shake his love for Nara, a band of revenge-seeking Orcs, or the Sword of Fighting, which has plans of its own for Perf. His quest isn't ending anytime soon. Onward!