Juju: The Web Series - 4 - Da Baddest Witch


Gigi’s dives head first. A Twitter Troll crashes the party. Unexpected tension rises between two male suitors.

When Kyle tries to move past the “friend zone’ with Gigi, the sultry siren uses her powers of mind control to bewitch her lovelorn admirer into keeping their boundaries in place. Gigi heads to an art gallery mixer for her friend, Carmen. There, she enchants an array of new male suitors, both old and new. Hakeem – Gigi’s misogynistic Twitter rival – almost falls on the receiving end of her powers, forcing Ada to intervene and chastise the young witch for using her powers for evil intent. Gigi meets Jules, a mysterious man from New Orleans.

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Juju The Web Series

While hexed with millennial angst, three friends discover they’re witches when an ancestor pays a visit.