Masters of the Metaverse - 2 - Season 08 E02: Time Is Not On Your Side


The Reliance returned home at last, three full years after Andi Jaymes, Crash Jaxun, Aquamarine, and Wyatt Maxwell went on their fateful journey to rescue the Chronicler Monday. Bruno Hamilton is overjoyed to be reunited with his granddaughter, and tells them everything that they’ve had to do in the last three years. Things are different now, yet the same problems still remain under the surface.

Their reunion is interrupted by one Ronald Gabriel Zenda Rhodes. He asks them to look into the history of the Weird West because someone changed the timeline enough that a number of avatars near and dear to the pilots’ hearts will not be born. They are the only ones who can help; can they get there in time to save history?

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masters of the metaverse

Masters of the Metaverse is an original RPG where players leap from world to world, experiencing the unique heroes who live within. A ZOE Live Production.