Masters of the Metaverse - 7 - Season 08 E07: By The Numbers


Crash went and found the mortal remains of Nick living in a cabin in Canada. As persuasive as ever, Crash convinced the ex-spy to join him on one more mission.

Jumping into the metaverse of 00742, almost 600 years before that metaverse would invade Prime, our team is lands in the avatars of four Jaxun-class clones. They are tasked with retrieving precious genetic material, without which the entire cloning program would never develop and the man known to most of the Metaverse as Rhodes would never be created. Can they set this history back on track? Where are the Trinity in all this? And just who is leading in points on the headball leaderboard?

Find out on this week’s episode of Metaverse!

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masters of the metaverse

Masters of the Metaverse is an original RPG where players leap from world to world, experiencing the unique heroes who live within. A ZOE Live Production.