Strowlers - 3 - Amaajii (Mongolia)


Amaajii’s plans to attend medical school in Australia are thrown into chaos by dreams and visions from her ancestors.

After encountering an Ancestor Tree during a hike with friends, Amaajii pauses her plans to attend medical school in Australia. Dreams and visions from her ancestors send her on a quest for an old family heirloom. Written by Mongolian shamans, this urban fantasy explores the world of the Ulaanbaatar Strowlers.

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Magic is real and everyone wants to control it. Now everyday heroes struggle to survive their encounters with creatures from beyond the veil, unlicensed magicians, and the shadowy government agencies tasked with controlling it. STROWLERS is a shared cinematic universe where YOU help tell the story, from the studio behind THE GAMERS and JOURNEYQUEST.