Sirius Lee - 02 - The Dispensary


Sirius remembers he buried a time capsule, with the one tool that can get him back to 1980, under what is now a dispensary.

Three and half months after transporting to modern day Oakland, Sirius Lee is fully moved in to his new Craigslist bedroom and is hard at work trying to figure out how to reverse engineer quantum teleportation so he can get back to his time.  His new roommate James is annoyed because Sirius is three weeks late on this month’s rent. Sirius suddenly remembers that he buried a time capsule for himself back in 1980. In the time capsule is the one tool that can get him back to 1980, his time dilator. Sirius goes on a hunt to uncover his time capsule and brings James along with him. Sirius finds that the location where he buried his time capsule in 1980 is now a marijuana dispensary. Sirius and James enter the dispensary where Sirius goes up to the budtender to explain the situation and retrieve his time capsule.  The budtender tries to sell him weed, but get’s a bigger surprise instead. The budtender is Sirius 45 year old estranged son, Junior.

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Sirius Lee

Sirius Lee, The Problematic Time Transplant is your classic time travel comedy caper with a musical twist.

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