The Gamers: The Series - 1 - The Gamers: The Series Shadow Menace


The original GAMERS characters have been stuck in our world without purpose. Until now.

At the end of THE GAMERS, fantasy stereotypes Rogar, Nimble, Newmoon, and Ambrose… sorry, “Magellan”… accidentally stepped through a portal into our world, where they defeated their own players. They’ve been stuck here ever since, without direction or purpose. Until now.

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  1. jkitz


    I think it’s official. I need to re-watch this about once a year along with the other Gamers movies. So good. I feel the GM on so many levels. It works as comedy gold the first time around, and stands-up just as well on a second pass when you know how things end (and what she knows.)
    I’d still love to see a season 2.

    10.0 rating
The Gamers The Series

Find out what happened with Newmoon, Rogar, Magellan, and Nimble since they ended up stranded in our world.