The Reliables - 10 - The Reliables S1 E10: So, You Want A Revolution pt 3


In this thrilling season finale, the team heads to Philadelphia to save the entire Continental Congress. Upon their arrival, they find the Congress already under siege. Hessian soldiers and British grenadiers are trying to breach the building, and our team immediately jumps into the fray. As each attacker they kill falls, the team sees another Galvan released into the atmosphere. Clearly this is no British-sanctioned attack. Jonomox finally manages to flex his shapeshifting muscles and forms a mega John Hancock. All seems lost when British heavies enter the field, but an unexpected rap battle send them on their way. Emerging from the Epic Rap Battle of History victorious, our team meets their avatars briefly as they pick up Reese in the Reliance.

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A misfit collection of superheroes travels through space and time to save the universe from itself. When all else fails, rely on THE RELIABLES... unless you have another option. Any other option. A live-play storytelling adventure, The Reliables uses dice and cards and the Savage Worlds system. The compelling story is provided by Game Master James Durham, and features the all-star cast of Shawn Franklin, Christian Doyle, Helen Roundhill, Bryce Bebop, Xander Layden and Eleise Moore.