The Reliables - 3 - The Reliables S4 E3: Super Teen Mystery Force Part 1

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Life is hard when you’re fifteen years old. It’s even harder when your professor is killed in front of you and you’re kidnapped by guys in tac gear. Vector Raynes, Jonomox, Guy Whiteman, and Paul hop into the bodies of teen age supergeniuses to save their metaverse. Of course, fifteen year olds are about as smooth as crunchy peanut butter and that’s not a good thing in a mission fraught with danger. With the help of Jonomox and some potty humor, they might just make it through this.

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A misfit collection of superheroes travels through space and time to save the universe from itself. When all else fails, rely on THE RELIABLES... unless you have another option. Any other option. A live-play storytelling adventure, The Reliables uses dice and cards and the Savage Worlds system. The compelling story is provided by Game Master James Durham, and features the all-star cast of Shawn Franklin, Christian Doyle, Helen Roundhill, Bryce Bebop, Xander Layden and Eleise Moore.