The Reliables - 4 - The Reliables S5 E4: Friends In Low Places pt 2

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Having gained the character endorsement of Professor Gatling, the team heads to metaverse 00668. Sentinel City was never a quiet place, and the team arrives to a scene of utter destruction. To gain the trust of another Council member, one Kid Titan, they will have to help him. Fortunately, bad guys are never as competent as good guys and tracking them is relatively quick. Putting an end to a wannabe god is enough to get them Kid Titan’s reluctant vote of confidence.

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A misfit collection of superheroes travels through space and time to save the universe from itself. When all else fails, rely on THE RELIABLES... unless you have another option. Any other option. A live-play storytelling adventure, The Reliables uses dice and cards and the Savage Worlds system. The compelling story is provided by Game Master James Durham, and features the all-star cast of Shawn Franklin, Christian Doyle, Helen Roundhill, Bryce Bebop, Xander Layden and Eleise Moore.