The Reliables - 6 - The Reliables S5 E6: The House Always Wins pt 2


The heist proper begins as Pierce engages The House, a sentient android that has ruled the casino for a thousand years. As the two play before the eyes of millions, the rest of the team heads for the vault. Getting in is no mean feat, but once in the possibilities are nearly endless. Guy Whiteman and Jahnrytta are for once in agreement as they clear an entire vault, and Paul picks up an Excalibur or five. Princess Hedgehog, meanwhile, finds a very special stone – one that finds her worthy in return. Their escape is made much easier by the unlikely return of Reese. Once they get out of the casino, they grab a dying Pierce and head straight for the Reliance.

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A misfit collection of superheroes travels through space and time to save the universe from itself. When all else fails, rely on THE RELIABLES... unless you have another option. Any other option. A live-play storytelling adventure, The Reliables uses dice and cards and the Savage Worlds system. The compelling story is provided by Game Master James Durham, and features the all-star cast of Shawn Franklin, Christian Doyle, Helen Roundhill, Bryce Bebop, Xander Layden and Eleise Moore.