Galactic Galaxy

Galactic Galaxy

6 Episodes

GALACTIC GALAXY is an irreverent space saga filled with action, suspense, and a healthy dose of the absurd. It is the story of a Space Werewolf named Fen who teams up with a Space Trucker named Pam to rob an illegal space disco in order to fulfill his destiny and save the Galaxy. Featuring Jeff Lewis who played the beloved character Vork in Felicia Day's "The Guild" & Julia Morizawa who plays Dr. Bright from the wildly popular podcast "The Bright Sessions." The writing team included Charles Horn, writer on the first "Robot Chicken: Star Wars" special.

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Galactic Galaxy
  • Galactic Galaxy Episode 1: “The Journey Of A Thousand Parsecs”

    Episode 1

    In Galactic Galaxy episode one Space Werewolf Fen, Pam Redcup and her agoraphobic mechanic Tom must escape the evil Dar Kuzar who has become enraged with his button technicians. “The Journey Of A Thousand Parsecs Begins With With A Single Parsec”

  • Galactic Galaxy Episode 2: “How Bad Can A Space Beast Be?”

    Episode 2

    In Galactic Galaxy episode two Pam & Fen agree to help the locals deal with the dreaded Trotta Beast in exchange for some much-needed space fuel. The Dar Kuzar is not pleased at all with his minion’s progress on his Cage of Darkness. “All right Fine, I Mean, How Bad Can A Space Beast Be?”

  • Galactic Galaxy Episode 3: “The Interplanetary Federation Female Force”

    Episode 3

    In Galactic Galaxy episode three Fen begins his training to defeat the Dar Kuzar, Pam is not convinced he has what it takes. The Dar Kuzar orders the Tree Of life vaporized. Fen meets the Celestial Queen Sevena. "The Interplanetary Federation Female Force Does Remain Impartial In Such Matters."

  • Galactic Galaxy Episode 4: “The Most Hedonistic Disco In The Galaxy”

    Episode 4

    In Galactic Galaxy episode four Fen, Pam & Tom plan a heist of an illegal space disco. The club owner Ringle is a no-good space pirate and lecherous bastard. "The Last Known Core Is Being Used To Power Station 54, The Most Hedonistic Disco In The Galaxy."

  • Galactic Galaxy Episode 5: “The Whole Galaxy Is Zrucked!”

    Episode 5

    In Galactic Galaxy episode five the Dar Kuzar goes to extremes to speak with Queen Sevena. Fen and Pam are interrogated by the hard-nosed Captain Aimeswell of the Space Police. “If We Don’t Get To Hepta Seven By Tomorrow The Whole Galaxy Is Zrucked!”

  • Galactic Galaxy Episode 6: "You Fools"

    Episode 6

    EP6: “You Fools”
    In the Galactic Galaxy season, one finale the Dar Kuzar prepares to capture Queen Sevena in his Cage Of Darkness. Pam, Fen and Xerro have other plans. A heroic battle and daring rescue utilizing the last known disco core are Queen Sevena's only hope. “You Fools, Did You Think I D...