Gen Con Insights

Gen Con Insights

3 Episodes

Filmed at Gen Con 2018, Gen Con Insights is a premiere speaking experience where gaming industry leaders and luminaries give inspiring and insightful TED-style talks ... on gaming!

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Gen Con Insights
  • Gen Con Insights: Ben Dobyns

    Episode 1

    Ben Dobyns from Zombie Orpheus Entertainment talks about the power of stories and the power of free - and the change that can bring into the world.

  • Gen Con Insights: Shanna Germain

    Episode 2

    Shanna Germain discusses the power of empathy and how to harness it to fuel creativity and connection with others.

  • Gen Con Insights: Peter Adkison

    Episode 3

    Peter Adkison, the founder of Wizards of the Coast, recounts the birth, development, and growth of Magic: The Gathering.