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Once More Unto the Dungeon...World - Part 3

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Once More Unto the Dungeon...World - Part 2

Gen Con Live Games, Season 1, Episode 5 – 2h 0m

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    Join GM Adam Koebel (co-designer of Dungeon World) and crew for part three of a three-part series of interconnected 1-shot games.

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    Four heroes set out on their first adventure using the new rules. Can they steal a dragon egg & return it safely? DMed by Jason Bulmahn (@jasonbulmahn). Pathfinder Playtest:

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    In final encounter from the Kickstarter campaign, our players face off against the malevolent hag Graemourna using the latest prototype terrain. DMed by Nate Taylor (@natetaylor) with players Joe Manganiello (@joemanganiello), Stefan Pokorny (@dwarvenforgenyc), Satine Phoenix (@satinephoenix), Pe...