Gen Con Previews & Demos

Gen Con Previews & Demos

19 Episodes

Previews, demos, interviews, and a taste of new games from Gen Con

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Gen Con Previews & Demos
  • Existence Games Presents Exodus

    Episode 1

    Host Malika Lim Eubank (@hello_malika) with Lexi and Jake from Existence Games (@ExodusCardGame) present Exodus!

  • D3 Go! Presents Magic the Gathering Puzzle Quest

    Episode 2

    Host Malika Lim Eubank (@hello_malika) with Joe and Josh from D3 Go! (@D3GoGames) present Magic the Gathering Puzzle Quest!

  • Adam's Apple Games Presents Swordcrafters

    Episode 3

    Host Ruty Rutenberg (@RutyWoot), Adam and Chris from Adam's Apple Games (@AdamsAppleGames) and Kyle Vogt (@kylevogt) present Swordcrafters!

  • Ivan Van Norman and Monocle Society Presents Weave

    Episode 4

    Host Malika Lim Eubank (@hello_malika) and guests Ivan Van Norman (@hydra_lord), Matt Acevado (@ShyGuyExpress) and Kyle from Monocle Society (@Monoclesociety) present Weave!

  • Big G Creative Presents Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents

    Episode 5

    Host BeBo (@beboldgames) and the team from Big G Creative present Happy Little Accidents, complete with a painter!

  • Czech Games Presents Pictomania

    Episode 6

    Maze Arcana (@mazearcana) and Czech Games Edition (@czechgames) present Pictomania!

  • Cryptozoic Presents Pantone the Game

    Episode 7

    Host BeBo (@beboldgames), Scott Rogers of Cryptozoic Entertainment (@Cryptozoic), and friends present Pantone!

  • Cryptozoic Presents Battle Wizards

    Episode 8

    Host Malika Lim Eubank (@hello_malika) is joined by Ryan, Adam, Cory and Kimmy from Cryptozoic Entertainment (@Cryptozoic) to present Battle Wizards!

  • Fire Opal Presents Wrestlenomicon

    Episode 9

    Host Bebo (@boldbebo) is joined by Marie Pool of Fire Opal Games to present Wrestlenomicon!

  • Dwarven Forge Presents New Gaming Terrains

    Episode 10

    Host Malika Lim Eubank (@hello_malika) is joined by Nate and Toby from Dwarven Forge (@dwarvenforge) to show off their latest terrain from the Caverns Deep Kickstarter!

  • Fireside Games Presents Remnants

    Episode 11

    Host BeBo (@beboldgames) is joined by Justin from Fireside Games to present Remnants!

  • Helvetiq Games Presents Kartel

    Episode 12

    HostMalika Lim (@hello_malika) is joined by Helvetiq Games (@Helvetiq) to present Kartel!

  • Helvetiq Games Presents Team Up

    Episode 13

    Host Bebo (@boldbebo) is joined by Brian from Helvetiq Games (@Helvetiq) to present Team Up!

  • Lynnvander
    Episode 14


    Episode 14

  • Magic: The Gathering Beta Booster Rochester Draft

    Episode 15

    Players participate in a Booster Rochester draft with cards from Magic: The Gathering's second release, Beta. Hosted by Aaron Forsythe (@mtgaaron) & Mike Turian (@mturian)

  • Pelgrane Press Presents New RPGs

    Episode 16

    Take a peek at what great games Pelgrane Press has out now, and what's upcoming!

  • Red Raven Presents Megaland

    Episode 17

    Host BeBo (@beboldgames) and Ryan from Red Raven Games (@RedRavenGame) present Megaland!

  • Renegade Games Presents Spell Smashers

    Episode 18

    Host Malika Lim Eubank (@hello_malika) and Dani from Renegade Games (@PlayRenegade) present Spell Smashers!

  • Sizigi Studios Presents Cake Duel

    Episode 19

    Host BeBo (@beboldgames) and the team from Sizigi Studios (@SizigiStudios) present Cake Duel!