Gold From The Sky

Gold From The Sky

5 Episodes

2067 AD, a group of young astronomers and cyber delinquents discover an impending catastrophic event and suddenly find themselves at odds with the Global Order as they attempt to save the world.

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Gold From The Sky
  • Episode 1: Divided We Perish

    Episode 1

    Destina is interrupted from her mundane job by an urgent message from fellow astronomer and cyber delinquent, Nok Noi

  • Episode 2: Lines in the Sand

    Episode 2

    Destina is being watched, old friends become enemies, she’s called to the ‘Fallout Zone’ and now her fiancé is on her case

  • Episode 3: Crossing Over

    Episode 3

    In a dream, Destina’s Mother tells her to visit her hermit Abuela. Meanwhile Zene is called to capture her and Von is on her tail

  • Episode 4: Concurrence

    Episode 4

    Destina journeys to the Fallout Zone while Zene and Von face off. Augustine is caught in the middle.

  • Episode 5: Beginning of the End

    Episode 5

    Destina searches for ‘Tesla Sat Station 001’ to uncover further secrets while being pursued by government drones.