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Yes, your login failed.

Sometimes something isn’t right on the Internet.

It’s okay, though. We brought extra towels and we’ll get this sorted out.

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It can take up to twenty minutes for your account to sync across every system. If you just purchased a premium membership, hang tight for a bit, then try your account activation again.

Okay, still ending up back here?

Let’s dig deeper.

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Discord Login Troubleshooting

  1. Does your Discord email address match the email address associated with your Fantasy Network account?
    1. No – Your Discord email address must match your TFN membership email address.
    2. Yes – Go to step two.
  2. Are you logged into a different Discord account in your browser?
    1. Yes – Log out of that Discord account and into one with a matching email address.
    2. No – Go to step three.
  3. Are you logged into a different Discord account in your application?
    1. Yes – Log out of that account AND log into one with a matching email address.
    2. No – Please contact for support.

What’s Going On:

When a user is running multiple Discord accounts, Discord can get confused and hijack the authentication process or server invite. So even if a user is logged into the correct account in their browser, if the application was previously logged into another account (or is logged into another account currently), the application will steal your server invite link and send it to that other account. And of course, that account, doesn’t register in our system and doesn’t get the fancy roles that you’re entitled to receive.

When Discord is acting up, the only safe way to resolve this issue is to make sure that you only have a single Discord account active on your system when you attempt to sync your account for the first time. That means checking every tab, every application, and every browser. Only when your email address is one with Discord will you be able to access The Fantasy Network.

Email Login Troubleshooting

  1. Did you complete the “Choose Password flow?
    1. No – Please visit Set Password.
    2. Yes – Go to step two.
  2. Did you use the same email address for your account and to login?
  3. Did you receive a “user not found” notification when attempting to reset your password or login?
  4. Did you check your spam folder for the email from The Fantasy Network?
  5. Yes and Yes? Okay, it’s time to contact for support.

What’s Going On:

Email is weird. We’re using super reliable AWS servers to send your password reset email, but sometimes Google doesn’t like that. You want the email, we want you to receive the email, and the email isn’t showing up.

Sometimes we can manually help send that email for you. Sometimes it just needs more time. And sometimes you need help from a human. We are that human. We are totally not robots. Really, we promise! By the way, would you like a small lemon-soaked paper napkin?