by designer Seth Davis, featuring the Lying Gargoyle from JourneyQuest

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“You’re the nicest man I ever met” and this is the worst t-shirt in the world.

Nobody would want to wear this lovingly designed word art shirt by creator Seth Davis, based on the “Lying Gargoyle” character from JourneyQuest.

Purchasing this shirt would show a serious lack of taste that could only be rectified by a sincere apology to the god or gods of your choice. Please don’t buy this shirt!

Seth Davis is the creator of ZOEFan.net. His art, memes, animations, and mash-ups have entertainment the ZOE community for years.

Sales of this shirt help Seth create exciting new JourneyQuest art!

Roderick, the Lying Gargoyle, has appeared in three seasons of the hit fantasy comedy JourneyQuest!

Roderick’s sarcasm and long-suffering attitude are brought to life in the show by actor Nathan Rice, who also played Gabriel in Demon Hunters and Lodge in The Gamers: Dorkness Rising.

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