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Masters Of The Metaverse S03 E03 | The End Of Everything

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Masters Of The Metaverse S03 E02 | Domed If You Do, Domed If You Don't

Season 3, Episode 3 • 2h 41m

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  • Masters Of The Metaverse S03 E03 | Th...

    Inside a vault deep in The Arena, the pilots come face to face with some dark truths about the world as they knew it...and The End Of Everything.

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  • Masters Of The Metaverse S03 E04 | Th...

    Butch, Hex, Bombshell, and Lady Veil pitch a desperate fight again Dr. Migraine's control. They soon learn that nothing is what it seems and that things are far more complicated than they first appear.

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  • Masters Of The Metaverse S03 E05 | Pr...

    Having found a way back home, the pilots are joined by Nick and learn some disturbing news about The Program. They travel to a world of joy that has been broken by other pilots...or would that be borken?

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