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Legions of Nagash vs Stormcast Eternals Age of Sigmar Battle Report

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Legions of Nagash vs Kharadron Overlords Age of Sigmar - War of the Realms

Miniwargaming Presents Battle Reports, Season 1, Episode 9 • 55m

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    Trevor from Ink and Bristle has brought his Undead Legions to challenge Josh and the Stormcast Eternals. Will the chosen of Sigmar be able to stand up against the Legions of Nagash?

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    A vampire lord under the services of Nagash leads a vanguard force of his most trusted vampiric soldiers to crash into the Aelf's frontlines as Nagash brings up the rear with the full force of undeath!

    Luka and Steve play a 2000 point battle with the Scorched Earth Scenario!

    Luka plays Soul...

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    David White is back with his Kharadron Overlords to take on Quirk and his horde of Moonclan Grots in this awesome 2000 point battle.