Penny Palabras

Penny must figure out what to do about the malicious Straw Man before he hurts someone she loves.

We All Fall Down
Todd struggles to protect the innocence of Benny, his mute kid brother, in a post-apocalyptic world where adults have turned into zombies.

When orcs invade a US National Park, out fate lies in the hands of Ranger Cal Robertson.

Demon Hunters Dead Camper Lake

Chris wants to be an accountant, but, instead, finds himself immersed in a world of time-traveling gunslingers, coniferous bounty hunters, and a demon.

Demon Hunters

This is the story about a demon - Duamerthrax the Indestructible - who gets trapped on a college campus and goes around killing people trying to escape, and the holy organization - the Brotherhood of the Celestial torch - that tries to stop him.

Phoenix Run

A smuggler finds an experimental serum that could cure the world's superhuman pandemic.

Intersection Number Nine


A psychological, horror exploring the dark side of humanity. Nine gangsters in a twisted hell are forced by their demonic leader, Zero to remember the pasts that led to this moment. Told from ten different point of views, the film gradually unfolds into a nightmarish and horrifying conclusion. 

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