A drug dealer tries to turn his life around but encounters a dirty cop with an agenda of his own.

On the damp, dark and dangerous streets of futuristic Los Angeles, one lonesome drug dealer tries to scrape enough credits for the ticket to the elusive Off World Islands, a utopian paradise where he hopes to have a fresh start. Racing against the clock and forced to take desperate measures, his resolve will be tested when he encounters a dirty cop with an agenda of his own.

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Crew & Casts

Emilija Habulin

Off World Girl

Luka Hrgovic

Taxi Driver

Zachary Prusak

Police Dispatcher / Commercial Voiceovers (voice)

Karla Zelic

Masked Nightclub Girl


Writing Credits

Luka Hrgovic


Dino Julius


Anton Svetic



Ryan Masten

Executive Producer

Niko Sucic

Executive Producer

Music Department

Tim Zibrat

Original Music By


Dino Julius

Director of Photography

Film Editing

Art Department

Special Effects

Luka Hrgovic

Model Maker

Visual Effects

Luka Hrgovic

Digital Compositor

Sandrino Pozezanac

Roto/Paint Artist