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Fantasy film based on the medieval legend of the visionary Queen Libuse (Winter Ave Zoli), founder of Prague. When Libuse marries the farmer Premysl (Csaba Lucas) he threatens to destroy her new kingdom.
Two female agents find themselves in an apocalyptic landscape. Intelligence suggests the Southern Realm is conducting experiments with the goal of creating a bio-engineered breed of soldiers. The agents must find and stop them.
Wanted Dead

She should have know that the prince will find out… No time to wonder, she needs to run to the only place where the prince has no power. 

Gathering of Heros

Seven brave heroes gather to protect the realm from an artifact that controls an undead army.

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Aliens & Dragons
a new film from the creators of
Gathering of Heroes
About the Movie
Captain KANE MADDOX and his trusted first mate R'OK voyage into the farthest regions of space in an effort to escape the clutches of THAYGORR, an intergalactic villain and his deadly crew of mercenaries.

Forced to land on an uncharted planet, Kane and R'ok are drawn to a mysterious cave where they discover a secret that leads them to join RAELEN, a skilled archer, and ENDRIK, a young knight, on a quest to destroy an ancient evil that threatens to unleash its power throughout time and space.

Two worlds collide in this epic tale that pits Science against Sorcery on an adventure unlike any other!
The Gamers
The rocketship we designed for Aliens and Dragons is a homage to the ones seen in the Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers serials from the 1930's.
Dorkness Rising
Classic genre heroes that represent both science fiction and fantasy archetypes team up to face villains from both the future and the past.
Humans and Households
From a dark nemesis armed with a hand cannon to enemies armed with Sorcery and Steel, foes from the past and future threaten our heroes.
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FUSION FACTORY FILMS is an independent production company & film sales agent focused on creating innovative cross-genre films utilizing Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Martial Arts, and Horror elements. Our goal is to fuse two or more of these genres together in a complimentary fashion that creates high-concept projects we will represent at International Film Markets.

Dark Sentinel
A lone alien arrives on Earth and nothing seems to stop its wave of destruction - until a mysterious cybernetic hero steps up to answer the challenge.
Kung Fu Hatchet-Man
A blind Martial Arts master uses his enhanced senses and his elite Kung Fu skills to fight off a mindless zombie horde!
Art of the Samurai
An American master of Japanese swordsmanship and his apprentice defend their students from a cabal of neo- fascists.

Willy Echevarria, a policeman from a small town, dreams of becoming a big-time detective, when a heist gone bad gives him the chance of his life. Will Willy become the hero he always dreamed of?

A trek into the unknown. A patchwork band of swords for hire delve deep into an unforgiving wilderness, in an attempt to cleanse the impurities and rogues plaguing the indigenous people. In the Ironlands, things are not always as they seem.


A historical short from ZOE creators Samara Lerman and Gabriel Gonda.

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