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Project: Metaverse S02 E05 | Toyand

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Project: Metaverse S02 E04 | Remember The Alamo

Season 2, Episode 4 • 3h 10m

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  • Project: Metaverse S02 E05 | Toyand

    The pilots find themselves in the bodies of children trapped in a world between worlds. TOM is having trouble reaching them...and something is lurking in the dark.

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  • Project: Metaverse S02 E06 | Separati...

    The evil presence behind Toyland finally makes an appearance, much to everyone's horror. Things are not what they seem as the pilots race to uncover the truth about these nightmares as TOM struggles to find a way to reach them.

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  • Project: Metaverse S02 E07 | Showdown

    (Masters Of The Metaverse Returns February 4, 2019! James said the wrong date but we still love him!)

    Harvester is closing in and time grows short for the pilots and their avatars. With TOM at their side, they rally for a final push in an attempt to takedown the evil that i...