Project: Metaverse

Project: Metaverse

3 Seasons

A new group of metapilots is hired to track another team that's gone rogue.

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Project: Metaverse
  • Project: Metaverse S03 E01 | Sentinel Noir

    Episode 1

    Maddox and Wyatt find themselves in a version of Chicago with a distinctly noir flavor. They are joined by Rosie as they race to solve a murder...before they are snuffed out themselves.

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  • Project: Metaverse S03 E02 | No Good

    Episode 2

    Wyatt, Rosie, and Maddox race to discover the truth behind the murder of Freddy Fast Fingers, and TOM finally locates Andi and Brony... With SPECIAL GUEST, Larry Dixon!

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  • Project: Metaverse S03 E03 | One Way Out

    Episode 3

    Maddox, Wyatt, Andi, and Rosie race to discover just what really happened to Freddy Fast Fingers. What they uncover leads to a new beginning as the Great Metaverse Crossover begins...

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