At the height of President Roosevelt’s WPA jobs program, able-bodied men enjoyed work building bridges, painting murals, performing Shakespeare, and much more. In the midst of this national revitalization was born the Department of Municipal Rocketry. Outfitted with state of the art rocket packs and stationed on rooftops in cities across the US, the brave men of the DoMR were to be the first line of defense against the imminent atomic, Communist, robotic and alien threats our nation would face in the decades to come.

NOW: Over half a century later, those threats have proven... "less imminent." But deeply buried and all but abandoned in the Federal bureaucracy, the Department of Municipal Rocketry survives – a relic whose hardware, uniforms and budget haven’t changed since the Great Depression. Proud descendants of the original Rocketmen remain quietly vigilant atop rooftops and radio towers. Forgotten and invisible to modern society, Rocketmen still await the order to fly into action.

But when that order finally comes, will these Rocketmen be ready…?

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  • Rocketmen

    When a small band of Rocketmen are unwittingly thrust into the spotlight, they suddenly find themselves wanted by the government, pursued by an old nemesis and watched by a mysterious shadow organization - all while racing to save the city and their jobs.

    Forgotten remnants of a WWII-era Feder...