3 Seasons

Four misfit adventurers set out on a quest to rescue their lost party members, and try their hand at saving the world in the process.

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  • Standard Action Season 1 Trailer

    Episode 1

    The HD trailer for the first season of webseries Standard Action, edited by James Ernst. Yeah, we know it's slightly different from the SD version, but hey, we had lots of great material - why not?

  • Standard Action: S1E1 - The Barbarian

    Episode 2

    In this first official episode of the webseries Standard Action, Edda the barbarian learns that not all problems can be solved with violence.

  • Standard Action: S1E2 - The Druid

    Episode 3

    Martin's boss gets more than he bargained for when he turns payday into a surprise performance review.

  • Standard Action: S1E3 - The Bard and Sorcerer

    Episode 4

    Wendy and Fernando find themselves beaten, alone, and without the better half of their adventuring party.

  • Standard Action: S1E4 - The Tavern

    Episode 5

    Martin, Edda, Fernando and Wendy find themselves in The Lonely Dragon, and the team meets up for the first time.

  • Standard Action: S1E5 - Adventure Hook

    Episode 6

    The newly-formed adventuring party finds a clue that leads them stumbling through the woods after Wendy and Fernando's misplaced Ranger and Cleric. Unfortunately, the are reminded that adventuring isn't nearly as glamorous as the papers would have you believe.

  • Standard Action: Episode 6 - Questing

    Episode 7

    Finally on the road and (maybe?) heading in the right direction, the team face the rite of passage for all adventurers: low-level questing. Fernando tries his hand at riddles, Martin draws the ire of a really big bird, and Edda gets more than she bargained for when Wendy takes her out on the town.

  • Standard Action: S1E6.5

    Episode 8

    This was the teaser episode ("Episode 0") of webseries Standard Action by Joanna Gaskell (mightyjoanna) and Phasefirefilms. Now that the series is mid-way through the first season, this episode fits into its rightful place between episodes 6 and 7. So, we've renamed it "Episode 6.5."

  • Standard Action: S1E7 - Don't Split the Party

    Episode 9

    After being jumped in the night by a band of halflings with... unusual tastes, the party finds itself fragmented, and faces an even greater danger, this time from within.

  • Standard Action: S1E8 - Hail to the King, Baby

    Episode 10

    Who says charisma is a dump stat? The party tracks down the thieving little cannibals that stole their gear, and Fernando shows them all what bards do best - spin a good story.

  • Standard Action: S1E9 - Hero Worship

    Episode 11

    Armed with a foolproof strategy and a whole lot of enthusiasm, the party attempts to rescue the cleric Torval from hobgoblin clutches in as heroic a manner as they possibly can. Chaos ensues!

  • Standard Action:S1E10 - Breaking of the Fellowship

    Episode 12

    As the hobgoblin fortress draws ever closer, our adventurers make a new ally... but lose a few more.

  • Standard Action: S1E11 - Of Keys and Cages

    Episode 13

    Imprisoned by the enemy, our party starts to learn the extent of the evil villain's dastardly plan. Wendy questions her convictions, Fernando learns a little too much about his family history, and Torval introduces a new player to the game.

  • Standard Action: S1E12 - Will and Fortitude

    Episode 14

    As our villain puts his nefarious plans into motion, the party splits up in a desperate attempt to rescue Wendy. Everyone's skills are put to the test in this explosive first half of Season 1's finale!

  • Standard Action: S1E13 - Hell Hath No Fury

    Episode 15

    In this long-awaited finale to the first season of Standard Action, the party - bumbling as they are - is the only thing that stands between our villain's lust for power and the sleepy land they call home. Crom help us.

  • Standard Action Random Encounter 1: WRAITHS

    Episode 16

    Standard Action's first Season 1 Random Encounter: WRAITHS!