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Standard Action: S1E11 - Of Keys and Cages

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Standard Action:S1E10 - Breaking of the Fellowship

Season 1, Episode 12 • 12m

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  • Standard Action: S1E11 - Of Keys and ...

    Imprisoned by the enemy, our party starts to learn the extent of the evil villain's dastardly plan. Wendy questions her convictions, Fernando learns a little too much about his family history, and Torval introduces a new player to the game.

  • Standard Action: S1E12 - Will and For...

    As our villain puts his nefarious plans into motion, the party splits up in a desperate attempt to rescue Wendy. Everyone's skills are put to the test in this explosive first half of Season 1's finale!

  • Standard Action: S1E13 - Hell Hath No...

    In this long-awaited finale to the first season of Standard Action, the party - bumbling as they are - is the only thing that stands between our villain's lust for power and the sleepy land they call home. Crom help us.