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Standard Action: S1E4 - The Tavern

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Standard Action: S1E3 - The Bard and Sorcerer

Season 1, Episode 4 • 9m 5s

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  • Standard Action: S1E4 - The Tavern

    Martin, Edda, Fernando and Wendy find themselves in The Lonely Dragon, and the team meets up for the first time.

  • Standard Action: S1E5 - Adventure Hook

    The newly-formed adventuring party finds a clue that leads them stumbling through the woods after Wendy and Fernando's misplaced Ranger and Cleric. Unfortunately, the are reminded that adventuring isn't nearly as glamorous as the papers would have you believe.

  • Standard Action: Episode 6 - Questing

    Finally on the road and (maybe?) heading in the right direction, the team face the rite of passage for all adventurers: low-level questing. Fernando tries his hand at riddles, Martin draws the ire of a really big bird, and Edda gets more than she bargained for when Wendy takes her out on the town.