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Standard Action: Episode 6 - Questing

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Standard Action: S1E5 - Adventure Hook

STANDARD ACTION, Season 1, Episode 6 • 10m

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  • Standard Action: Episode 6 - Questing

    Finally on the road and (maybe?) heading in the right direction, the team face the rite of passage for all adventurers: low-level questing. Fernando tries his hand at riddles, Martin draws the ire of a really big bird, and Edda gets more than she bargained for when Wendy takes her out on the town.

  • Standard Action: S1E6.5

    This was the teaser episode ("Episode 0") of webseries Standard Action by Joanna Gaskell (mightyjoanna) and Phasefirefilms. Now that the series is mid-way through the first season, this episode fits into its rightful place between episodes 6 and 7. So, we've renamed it "Episode 6.5."

  • Standard Action: S1E7 - Don't Split t...

    After being jumped in the night by a band of halflings with... unusual tastes, the party finds itself fragmented, and faces an even greater danger, this time from within.