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Standard Action: S1E7 - Don't Split the Party

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Standard Action: S1E6.5

Season 1, Episode 8 • 12m

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  • Standard Action: S1E7 - Don't Split t...

    After being jumped in the night by a band of halflings with... unusual tastes, the party finds itself fragmented, and faces an even greater danger, this time from within.

  • Standard Action: S1E8 - Hail to the K...

    Who says charisma is a dump stat? The party tracks down the thieving little cannibals that stole their gear, and Fernando shows them all what bards do best - spin a good story.

  • Standard Action: S1E9 - Hero Worship

    Armed with a foolproof strategy and a whole lot of enthusiasm, the party attempts to rescue the cleric Torval from hobgoblin clutches in as heroic a manner as they possibly can. Chaos ensues!