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Standard Action: S2E5 - Don't Panic

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Standard Action: S2E4: Inconceivable

STANDARD ACTION, Season 2, Episode 5 • 10m

Up Next in SEASON 2

  • Standard Action: S2E5 - Don't Panic

    Back together in the forest, Wendy, Fernando and Edda face up to Martin's awkward condition, and forthwith decide to take matters into their own hands.

  • Standard Action: S2E6 - Mine is an Ev...

    With Orlando safely in custody, our adventurers try their hand (crotch?) at interrogation, and learn a thing or two about what they may be up against in rescuing Martin.

  • Standard Action: S2E7 - Reckless

    In a forest riddled with kobolds, Fernando introduces the party to an old friend, who takes them on a reckless journey after their missing Druid.