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Standard Action: S2E1 - The Board is Set

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Standard Action: S2E0 - The Teaser

Season 2, Episode 1 • 11m

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  • Standard Action: S2E1 - The Board is Set

    A few adventures under their belts, and the team is heading back home. Little do they know that saving the world from evil has attracted the attention of some... less than savory characters.

  • Standard Action: S2E2 - Countless Doo...

    With a well-placed magic missile, the party is haphazardly thrown through the very fabric of the universe! What twisted evils await them? And will they find their way back?

  • Standard Action: S2E3 - Watching the ...

    With the party split across multiple planes, our adventurers end up toe to toe with some unexpected evils... and some familiar faces!