3 Seasons

Four misfit adventurers set out on a quest to rescue their lost party members, and try their hand at saving the world in the process.

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  • Standard Action: S3E1 - It's Dangerous To Go Alone

    Episode 1

    Last we saw Wendy, Edda and Fernando, they had left their home plane in search of Martin, with the help of Gary the Rogue and a magic bracelet shaped like a dead squirrel.

  • Standard Action: S3E2 - No-Good Swindler

    Episode 2

    Lost in a strange new world, our team questions the motivations of their sneakiest member. Back home, Cedric approaches Jaina the barkeep about his newly-found loot.

  • Standard Action: S3E3 - Dreams in the Deep

    Episode 3

    The Dreamlands grow dark and dangerous for Fernando and Wendy on their search for Martin. Veronica the Sorcerer makes a deal with Cedric to find her missing husband.

  • Standard Action: S3E4 - Performance Check

    Episode 4

    Sent careening through the planes once again, the team lands in a world where the only way to communicate is through music... and they find they're being followed.

  • Standard Action: S3E5 - There and Back

    Episode 5

    Wendy comes up with a new strategy to find Martin back on the team's home plane, while Martin reveals that he has a plan of his own.

  • Standard Action: S3E6 - Dancing with Dragons

    Episode 6

    Edda reconnects with her uncomfortable past, and Gary reveals a little more about his motives. Meanwhile, Ikosa watches all.

  • Standard Action: S3E7 - Bigger on the Inside

    Episode 7

    The team ventures into the unstable forest on their way towards Scyranyss. They send Edda ahead to scout... with terrifying consequences.

  • Standard Action: S3E8 - Attack of the Clowns

    Episode 8

    The team learns what a horrifying force they have released upon the world, and hurry to put an end to Malevolence the Clown's... malevolence!

  • Standard Action:S3E9 - Different Roads,Same Castle

    Episode 9

    Back on track after their side quest, the team finds the entrance to the tomb of Scyranyss, and begins a new, more dangerous game of wits with Ikosa.

  • Standard Action: S3E10 - As You Wish

    Episode 10

    The pieces start to fall into place as Wendy is forced into a fateful decision. Both Martin and Ikosa move their plans steadily forward, and a friendship takes a turn into darkness.

  • Standard Action: S3E11 - Reset

    Episode 11

    Ikosa regains her full strength, and tension builds on both planes towards the inevitable.

  • Standard Action: S3E12 - Time and Darkness

    Episode 12

    Ikosa's warning rings true, as Martin returns in the epic season finale of Standard Action.