The Inventor

The Inventor

6 Episodes

For Mikel and Gardner, their new roommate Miller was to be a small bump to their monthly finances, what he turned out to be is a whirlwind of death, electrocution and polio. Miller is an undiscovered scientific prodigy, and Mikel and Gardner aren't used to having to tip-toe around dangerous tech. Over the course of two weeks they’re introduced to: a malfunctioning teleporting gun, universally translating ear buds, two sentient robots, a memory altering helmet and a performance enhancing suit. But all the technology in the world can’t cover up Millers past, a past that Gardner is dead set on unfolding.

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The Inventor
  • The Inventor Ep. 1 - Don't Point it At Anybody

    Episode 1

    Having only lived with Miller, a scientific prodigy, for a little over two weeks, his new roommates must put up with; memory manipulation, stolen coffee and potential manslaughter. What seems like a harmless prototype teleporting gun turns out to have much more disastrous consequences that brings...

  • The Inventor Ep. 2 - You Look Like a Supervillain

    Episode 2

    In an attempt to ask out a girl, Gardner kindly asks Miller for earbuds that can translate any language. While trying out his new toy Gardner realizes he very well might be reading peoples thoughts at the same time. A chance encounter with a man having undoubtedly murderous thoughts leads to poli...

  • The Inventor Ep. 3 - I'm not Sentient

    Episode 3

    Miller builds a robotic babysitter to take care of the Man-Baby they accidentally created, Brian. Despite Miller's assurances, the robot develops intelligence and decides to discover as many emotions as possible before moving to take over Brian's body. Mikel doesn't take a liking to the robot and...

  • The Inventor Ep. 4 - Am I The Real Gardner?

    Episode 4

    At his wits end with Miller's shenanigans, Mikel decides to move out. There are no alternative roommates in mind, as a result Miller and Gardner must conduct roommate interviews. Meanwhile, the apartment is being staked-out for a break in. Mikel must decide to stay behind and help the roommates h...

  • The Inventor Ep. 5 - My Name Is CACTUS Part 1

    Episode 5

    Despite his best efforts Miller cannot save his robot after it sustains a devastating head injury. From the ashes of Andre-the-robot, a new A.I. is born. One that can talk, feel, make complex decisions and desperately wants to know what it feel like to be a body. Miller enthusiastically offers hi...

  • The Inventor Ep. 6 - My Name Is CACTUS Part 2

    Episode 6

    A continuation of “My Name is C.A.C.T.U.S.” Mikel is completely moved out and Miller is dead. Gardner must face off against a super A.I that calls herself C.A.C.T.U.S. alone, but Miller just may have a few tricks up his sleeve from beyond the grave.

    Remembering a chance conversation he had with...