Epic Quest

Epic Quest

Alys, a headstrong bar maiden, sets out on a quest to save her kidnapped sister from the evil King in this fantasy video game themed tale.

A live action role playing comedy! Taking down bad guys, shooting your friends, and exploring romance are completely normal during a live-action roleplaying game. However, as these friends discover, they can’t keep their normal lives and their play entirely separate. Real life? In-game? It’s sometimes hard to tell…

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Enter the fantasy video game themed comedic world of Epic Quest as it tells the tale of Alys, a headstrong bar maiden, who works at the local tavern with her bubbly younger sister, Thea. One day, the King’s Men visit the tavern and kidnap Thea during a bar fight. Without hesitation Alys sets out on a quest to stop the knights and save her sister. Along the way, she meets Sevrin, the Magnificent Mage, who feels obligated to assist the protect Alys on her journey. Despite the uncertainty she has towards the stranger, the two embark on an adventure that will take them across the diminishing Kingdom of Riverstone where they will meet allies, battle foes and discover riches beyond their imaginations.